In 2007, the Asian American Bar Association of New York (“AABANY”) presented its first Trial Reenactment — a reenactment of the trial of Minoru Yasui in Portland, Oregon in 1942 for violating a military curfew on “all persons of Japanese ancestry.” Since then, AABANY’s Trial Reenactment Team has produced and performed a different case each year, at the National Convention of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association. The scripts for each of the nine reenactments to date are made available here. Each case marks a different chapter in Asian American history, and each case had a significant impact on law and society – touching on themes such as race, discrimination, loyalty, human and civil rights, and the struggle for justice against bigotry, government persecution, and public opposition. Our scripts have been performed all across the country, and they are available for you to present in your community. We invite you to relive and to learn about parts of American history that have too often been overlooked, ignored, or forgotten.


Fordham APALSA Presents: “Kung Flu”: A History of Hostility and Violence Against AAPIs, New York, NY, March 14, 2024